About CSC

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We are a weightlifting club that focuses on fostering a cooperative atmosphere with lots of camaraderie between members. We work together to push each other to our limits to get the best and greatest results. We inspire and encourage each other. We are open to new ideas and becoming strong with our mind and body. We strive for the greatness we know we are capable of. We push to lift more, do more, and live more. We won’t let your mind quit before your body does.

Facebook is our way to communicate to all of our members. If we have announcements we post on Facebook. Please like our page at facebook.com/cambridgestrengthandconditioning and follow it for update-to-date info.

Office Hours

  • Monday: 5:30-9:15PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30-9:15PM
  • Friday: 5:30-9:30PM
  • Saturday: 11AM-1PM
  • Come in during our office hours or send us a facebook message to talk about working out at other times. We have groups working out every day of the week.


All  membership dues go directly to the club either paying the rent and then to equipment. $50 monthly for unlimited access, or $10 for drop ins. We cover the rent and really don’t profit personally from the gym. You can drop by anytime and if you are not looking for training the first visit is free. Membership includes:

  • Access to all our equipment.
  • Free one-on-one coaching on the lifts and programming advice.
  • Music vetoes. Bring your music
  • Free yelling, trap slaps and chest bumps

You can enter you credit card for billing


We believe that the fundamental lifts: squat, deadlift, clean, bench press and shoulder press make up the foundation of any successful program. These lifts are functional movements that provide the biggest bang for your buck. Some people are scared of these lifts and hear horror stories. The truth is these lifts are perfectly safe with the correct form and weight. Many of our members compete in powerlifting and weightlifting but also a lot of us are just here to get strong(er). Competing allows us to set goals and focus on training.

Three of us are certified instructors, and many others have been lifting for years. We are able to teach anyone to perform these movements safely, and we do mean anyone.

We believe muscle is built as the body adapts to stress. So the goal of programming and training is to stress the body. Recovery from fatigue is necessary. You push yourself, and while you sleep you get stronger. We build programming to take into account fatigue and to prevent de-training. If you’re  looking for programming/routine help please stop by and talk to us!

Take a look at our equipment and space