About CSC

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We are a club that focuses on fostering a cooperative atmosphere with lots of camaraderie between members.  We have a wide variety of people lifting with us but the common theme between our members is a common goal to be stronger.  We have members who are top ranked weightlifters and powerlifters but also have members who are grandparents lifting for the first time to help maintain muscle and bone density.  We celebrate everyone’s personal achievements whether it’s a state record snatch or someone’s first 135 bench press.  Seeing others push as hard as they can and reach their goals is inspiring and that keeps our members engaged and motivated.

We have a dedicated weightlifting area and the rest of the gym is high quality powerlifting equipment.  We have powerlifting squat racks, competition benches, and every variety of specialty bar including 32mm squat and 27mm deadlift bar competition bars.

Facebook is our primary way to communicate to all of our members. If we have announcements we post on Facebook. Please like our page at facebook.com/cambridgestrengthandconditioning and follow it for update-to-date info.

Office Hours (Times to meet the owners and get an introduction to the gym)

  • Monday: 6:00PM-9:30PM
  • Wednesday: 6:00PM-9:30PM
  • Friday: 6:00PM-9:30PM
  • We have members in the gym every day of the week and at odd hours.  Our hours are not limited to the office hours but you must meet with the owners before working out at other times.  Please contact us or drop in during the above office hours to meet with the owners.


All membership dues go directly to the club either paying the rent and then to equipment. $75 monthly for unlimited access, or $15 for drop ins.

Membership includes:

  • Access to all our equipment.
  • Free basic coaching on the primary lifts and programming advice.
  • Music vetoes. Bring your music
  • Free motivational yelling, trap slaps and chest bumps

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Becoming a member:

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We believe that the fundamental lifts: squat, deadlift, clean, bench press and shoulder press make up the foundation of any successful program. These lifts are functional movements that provide the biggest bang for your buck. Some people are scared of these lifts and hear horror stories. The truth is these lifts are perfectly safe with the correct form.

The owners are happy to work with anyone to get them going in the right direction.  We check in with you and keep you on track.  There are also many other members in the gym with extensive experience that help out and can provide advice. We are able to teach anyone to perform these movements safely, and we do mean anyone.

We specialize in working with people who are new to lifting or who have been out of the game for a while.  We have proven programs and methods that work as long as you show up.  If you can get yourself in the door you will get stronger because it is impossible to not be motivated by the people around you.  We won’t let you load the same weight over and over again, we will push you to be better.

We primarily use Starting Strength style programming and teaching methods for newer lifters but we have people doing a wide variety programs.  We have trained hundreds of people in Starting Strength programming and lifting form. You can come in and do your own thing or we can get you setup with what we think will work best for you based on your goals.

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