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Self Discovery

If the mind doesn’t enjoy hard work, or relish suffering and confronting the unknown then no program, no amount of training can be effective. The physical part is easy – it’s just picking stuff up and putting it down – but if you can’t get right in your head the physical training will not produce […]



Conditioning In Field Sports

N00b gains are the most amazing thing in the world. And if you’re an athlete that doesn’t compete (amateur or otherwise) in the gym — which, let’s be honest, is the vast majority of athletes, your n00b gains are going to transfer to the field. These are field n00b gains. When you hit your first […]

Programming, Plateaus, and Fatigue

There are lots of programs, linear programs, periodic programs, bro-science programs, bodybuilder programs, etc. You name it, its out there waiting to be discovered. The good programs are designed around the two main limiting factors to physiology. The bad programs have no clue how the body works. The program you choose has to fit your […]




I’m learning that the mind is primary. Here is a perfect example of why. This man lost 400#. But his mind wasn’t right. With the whirlwind that losing 400# brings, he has gained 300# back. Many are, rightly, confused to think that training is about the body. If you think that you are wrong. Training […]