We’ve all had those days, days where it feels like the world is out to torture you. You go through the motions until the clock strikes 5:00 and it’s time to train. The entire way to the gym you can’t help but think about how absolutely terrible your day was. There’s a time and a place for reflect on that but now is not that time. The SECOND you step foot into the gym you need to leave that shit at the door. Your gym should be a temple, a sacred place. When you step into the gym, lace up your shoes and start warming up you should focus on one thing, and one thing only: attacking the weights with nothing short of a lion’s ferocity and a Viking’s fury. Do not taint your gym with weakness and negative thoughts. Do me a favor and just think about how lucky you are.

No, seriously, think about it.

You’re walking, talking, smiling, laughing, loving and doing things that some people only dream of.  You’re not bed-ridden or crippled with some absolutely heinous disease.  You are tossing around weights that would crush most people. You’re putting your body through tremendous amounts of stress and living to tell about it. You are taking the single most amazing machine on the face of the earth and making it even better. Scans version 2.0, coming right up! Even better, you’re surrounded by amazing people who are on the same exact page you are.

Intensity. Intensity is a word that gets thrown around a lot when discussing training and, to a lesser extent, life.  It is also a word that I fear too many of us are afraid to embrace. We live in a culture where the vast majority of individuals are entirely too concerned with fitting in. Going through the motions is the norm. You know what I have to say to that? Not me, not ever.

Love intensity. Strive for it. Soak it up. Don’t be afraid to get loud. If you’re shy use the gym as an opportunity to break out of your shell. We will NEVER judge a single person that steps foot into CSC and trains hard and intelligently. Simply by putting on workout clothes and stepping under the bar you have earned my respect. The single greatest thing that I have done for my training, bar none, is joining a gym that embraced intensity. Trap slaps, nose tork, bar shakes, do whatever it takes to get fired up. We don’t care. There is nothing I love more than seeing somebody annihilate a PR. Want to make me even happier? Crush two PRs.

We’re each gifted a finite amount of time on this earth. Make the most of it. Be epic. Work hard. Become as strong as you possibly can. Things that once bothered you won’t seem as terrible once you’ve yanked 500 pounds off of the ground.

Be intense. I dare you.

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