I’m learning that the mind is primary. Here is a perfect example of why. This man lost 400#. But his mind wasn’t right. With the whirlwind that losing 400# brings, he has gained 300# back.

Many are, rightly, confused to think that training is about the body. If you think that you are wrong. Training isn’t about having 20in biceps. Or squatting 2x your body weight. Or pulling 500#. Training isn’t exercising. If you just want to exercise so you aren’t a couch slug all the time — fine. But that isn’t what I’m talking about.

Training is about the mind. It is about re-forming the gym into a burning hot forge that is going to test you, scare you, make you find out just who you are. Success doesn’t happen in the gym. It happens in the mind. Then success happens in competition.

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