Free Coaching/Training

At the gym we offer informal training for free which works very well for most of our members.  The owners and some of the other folks that help out at the gym are always happy to give you a set of eyes on your lifts, talk about programming, or diet advice.  This is not individual and will be done while the owners/helpful folks are completing their own workouts. Many people who have some experience lifting and have been involved in athletics only need minor tweaks and cues to get their lifts on the right track. If you are unfamiliar with this type of cooperative atmosphere you are missing out. This is all included in your membership of our community.

We will now be offering Saturday training sessions to people who are new to lifting or new to using the form prescribed in Starting Strength.  During these sessions we will take the group (or individual) through the squat, bench, press, deadlift, and power clean.  We will only be holding these sessions if we know we have members coming in for them.  This is designed to be an on-boarding and we will work with each lifter in the group to get their lifts sorted out and teach them novice progression programming.  This training is free to members who have signed up for at least a month membership.  We are still working on establishing frequency and timing of these sessions but 9:30-12 is the likely time slot and frequency will be determined by demand.  We completed this type of on-boarding during our regular office hours in the past but this new method will be better for both us and the new member.


Paid Coaching/Training

For some new members the Saturday on-boarding may not be enough to let them hit the ground running.  We are not looking to sell anything we do not think someone will greatly benefit from.  There are a number of situations where it makes sense to have more dedicated coaching than we offer for free:

-You are completely new to lifting and don’t know where to start

-You have never played sports or haven’t been physically active

-You have an injury history that you are concerned about aggravating

-You are dedicated to learning the methods and can make the commitment to buying training sessions

-You have had trouble learning from other coaches or adapting your form from coaching videos

For $50 a session one of our trainers can setup a time to meet with you and take you through all of your lifts- squat, bench, press, deadlift, and power clean.  The trainer will work with you through all of your warmups and work sets.  They will give cues during your lifts and talk to you about each set during your rest periods.  The best way to establish if you likely need a trainer is to attend a Saturday on-boarding where our coaches will be present.  Trainees who opt to pay for training generally have between    5-10 sessions before they feel confident lifting on their own.

Olympic Weightlifting Personal Training


Our weightlifting side of the gym also has a cooperative atmosphere with lifters helping each other out with form checks and programming. Olympic weightlifting is less intuitive than the general strength exercises so If you are looking to learn the lifts from the ground up or just want dedicated coaching James Tibbetts is our weightlifting coach.  If you are interested purchasing training sessions with James we can put you in touch with him.